Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

Heat Systems

Condensers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers 

Our custom heat exchangers and condensers are utilized where thermal shock, high solids, close approach temperatures, and exotic metallurgy are required. A.H. Lundberg can provide skid-mounted systems, fully valved, piped, and instrumented to provide specific and guaranteed heat transfer service to the system quoted.

Autoclave Flash Vapour Condensers

Autoclave Flash Vapour Condensers are designed similar to direct contact hot water heaters. AHL’s autoclave flash vapour condenser technology is a direct development of our 60 years of experience in the design and supply of vent gas heat recovery and batch blow heat recovery to the pulp and paper industry. The unit can be provided for counter-current gas flow or co-current downward flow orientation. The system may include a venturi scrubber to precede the condenser if particulate is an issue.inclined horizontal position, to accommodate safe removal of any gases possibly released from the chlorine dioxide solution.

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