A.H. Lundberg supplies a range of chemical reactors and handling systems to efficiently and safely generate the process operation required.

Equipment Offerings:

  • White liquor oxidation
  • Phase separation technologies
  • Mixer and reactor
  • Distillation column
  • Sulphur dioxide and chlorine vapourizers
  • Specialty pressure vessel
  • Quench vessel
  • Chemical handling systems
  • Safety system components

White Liquor Oxidation

AHL supplies two types of white liquor oxidation chemical reactors to generate a caustic substitute.

  • Our patented air oxidation system drives residual sulphide content to virtually nil while the oxygen system is supplied as a module complete with all piping and instrumentation ready for connection to the mill’s piping.
  • Either of these chemical reactors assure the efficient oxidation of sodium sulphide to sodium thiosulphate.

Phase Separation Systems

AHL offers various phase separation systems including:

  • Cyclones, slug catchers, knock-out drums which use inertial impaction to remove liquid or solid particles from gases or vapours.
  • Chevron mist eliminators, which provides a higher degree of separation of small aerosols compared to single pass inertial vessels such as cyclones.
  • Foam breaker with a single stage centrifuge used to mechanically deaerate stable and highly viscous foams.
  • Decanter and storage tank is used where it is necessary to remove an immiscible lower density fluid from another higher density fluid.
  • Chemical filters are used to remove suspended contaminants from an aqueous, organic or gaseous stream in order to produce a higher purity product.

Mixer and Reactor

Also called Stirred Surface Reactors, we offer specialty pressure vessels that incorporate an axial shaft with rotating plows, ribbons, or paddles to promote mixing, a chemical reaction or evaporation.

  • The chemical reactor can be heat jacketed to add or remove heat, subject to process requirements.
  • The vessels can incorporate the addition of a vacuum system and condenser to recover vapours released within the reactor.

Distillation Column

AHL provides design and supply of continuous feed distillation columns, and associated pre-heaters, reboilers, reflux condensers, and secondary product condensers.

  • Designs using random packing, structured packing, and trays are available, generally determined by the process requirements.


Our sulphur dioxide and chlorine vaporizers are modular and may include rail car off-loading systems as well as custody transfer systems.

  • An integrated chemical reserve tank provides short-term storage, allowing uninterrupted operation during rail car change-overs.
  • Systems may incorporate compressed air or nitrogen padding, hose racks, ambient air monitoring, and high accuracy custody transfer instrumentation.

Specialty Pressure Vessel

Process requirements for pressure vessels can be as simple as basic storage or can range to more complex designs incorporating condensing vapour feed streams, chemical addition, and agitation.

AHL provides comprehensive process engineering expertise to ensure the integrity and safety of very vessel supplied for each service.

Quench Vessel

Excessive heat entrained in gas streams can be effectively removed by direct injection of water or other liquids into the gas stream, utilizing evaporative cooling.

  • Our quench vessels are designed to introduce fine aerosol sprays at critical positions on the vessel to achieve the most efficient absorption of the liquid without carry-over.
  • We offer refractory lined, brick lined, high nickel alloy, and reactive metal construction as required by the process.
  • Horizontal and vertical arrangements are available.

Chemical Handling Systems

Chemical handling systems from AHL include caustic and sulphuric acid dilution, and sodium hypochlorite dilution modules.

  • All are available as systems integrated into a plant or as pre-fabricated, piped, instrumented and tested modules prepared for shipment.

Safety System Components

  • Flame arresters
  • Overflow seals
  • Excess flow valves
  • Explosion hatches
  • Pressure and/or vacuum relief valves
  • Site glasses
  • Vent dryers
  • Soap layer interface detection system