Gas Scrubber Systems

A.H. Lundberg provides a diverse range of gas scrubber technologies to effectively, dependably, and economically address air pollution issues and ensure regulatory compliance.

Venturi Scrubber System

AHL’s Venturi Scrubber System has been engineered to efficiently collect fine particulate and aerosols from industrial waste gas streams. Optimal design of venturi scrubbers requires a keen understanding of the desired collection efficiency, particulate mass loading in the gas stream, gas and particle densities, particle size distribution, allowable pressure drop, and site space restrictions.

How the system works:

Packed-bed Tower Scrubber System

AHL’s Packed-bed Tower Scrubber System is designed to absorb odours, VOCs, hydrocarbons, acid mists, and various organic and/or inorganic contaminants from a process gas stream.

How the system works:

Spray Tower Scrubber System

Similar to our Packed-bed Tower Scrubber, the AHLS Spray Tower Scrubber System absorbs aerosols from a process gas stream. However, spray tower is less susceptible to fouling. The trade-off is a slightly lower absorption efficiency.

How the system works:

Wet electrostatic precipitators may be integrated into the top of absorption scrubbers to achieve enhanced removal and control of sub-micron aerosols and particulate matter.
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