A.H. Lundberg provides a diverse range of gas scrubber technologies to effectively, dependably and economically address air pollution issues.

Venturi Scrubber

AHL’s venturi scrubber is designed to efficiently collect fine particulate and aerosols from industrial waste gas streams. Optimal design of venturi scrubber requires knowledge of the desired collection efficiency, particulate mass loading in the gas stream, gas and particle densities, particle size distribution, allowable pressure drop, and space restrictions.

  • Venturi Scrubbers are designed to incorporate a downflow venturi with a fixed or variable throat, a wet-bottom elbow, and an entrainment separator.

  • The collection principle uses the differential velocity between the waste gas and injected water (or other scrubbing liquid) to create droplets which entrap particulate matter in suspension.

  • Injection of water or scrubbing liquid upstream of venturi scrubbers may also serve to quench hot vapours, if required.

  • The particulate is extracted as a slurry from the separation vessel of scrubbers for recovery or disposal.

Packed Bed Tower Scrubber

AHL’s packed bed tower scrubber is designed to absorb odours, VOCs, hydrocarbons, acid mists, and various organic and/or inorganic contaminants from a process gas stream.

  • Contaminant laden gas enters the scrubber tower near the bottom and flows upward through a bed of mass transfer media.

  • Absorption liquid (liquor), selected as appropriate to the process, is distributed evenly on top of the packed bed by a spray header or flooded trough header arrangement.

  • The intimate contact between the liquor and the gas flow results in absorption of the pollutants into the liquor as the gas flows upward through the media bed of the scrubber vessel.

  • The media is selected to provide optimum wetted surface area in contact with the gas flow and may be of ceramic, metal, or plastic.

  • An aerosol coalescing and mist elimination section is integrated into the packed tower scrubber at the top of the vessel.

Spray Tower Scrubber

Similar to packed tower scrubber, spray tower scrubber absorbs aerosols from a process gas stream.  However, spray tower is less susceptible to fouling. The tradeoff is a slightly lower absorption efficiency.

  • Hot gas quenching and vapour condensing may also be included in the system, if necessary.

  • Within spray tower scrubbers, gas flows upward through multiple spray zones of scrubbing liquid (liquor), to give intimate contact between the liquor and the gas flow, ensuring entrapment and absorption of the pollutants into the liquor.

  • Spray tower scrubbers will generally include side-stream filtration of the resulting slurry, waste liquor blow down handling and sorbent make-up systems.

Wet electrostatic precipitators may be integrated into the top of absorption scrubbers to achieve enhanced removal and control of sub-micron aerosols and particulate matter.

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