A.H. Lundberg provides complete sulphur burner systems for incinerating elemental sulphur to generate sulphur dioxide.

Our sulphur burner is applicable for several industries including Pulp and Paper, Wet Corn Milling and Soap manufacturing.

In the Gold Mining industry, sulphur dioxide may also be utilized to destroy residual cyanide in the ore detox tank.

Sulphur Burner

AHL’s sulphur burner system design capacity ranges from 1 to above 100 metric tonnes per day of molten sulphur burned. The sulphur burners are designed for feed in either solid elemental or molten sulphur forms. The system can be designed to operate at near atmospheric or higher discharge pressure of up to 300 kPag.

The AHL’s sulphur burner nozzle is designed to use air atomization of the molten sulphur. This provides a turn-down ratio of up to 6:1 without degradation of SO2 concentration in the product gas. Sulphur trioxide SO3 generation is minimized by maintaining operating temperatures above 1400 °C with optimized air/fuel ratio controls.

Optional design considerations:

  • To pre-heat the burner chamber on system start-up, an auxiliary fuel burner with fuel train and burner management system can be included for ease of operation.

  • A direct contact hot gas quencher using spray water can be added to cool the exhaust gas to approximately 95 °C.

  • If lower exit temperatures are required, an additional indirect shell and tube heat exchanger may be included to further sub-cool the product gas.

  • For larger sulphur burners or where energy recovery is mandated, waste heat boilers are available. This allows the production of steam from the heat recovered by the incineration process.

Our sulphur burners can be delivered fully automated and as completely furnished modules. On request, our sulphur burner systems can include interconnecting piping, instrumentation, manual and control valves, air compressors and combustion air drying systems to meet the discharge pressure and produced gas conditions required.

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