Sulphur Burner Systems

A.H. Lundberg can design and deploy a variety of advanced Sulphur Burner Systems that will cost-effectively incinerate elemental sulphur to generate sulphur dioxide.

AHL Sulphur Burner Systems are ideal for several industries, including pulp and paper, wet corn milling and soap manufacturing. In the gold mining industry, sulphur dioxide may be utilized to destroy residual cyanide in the ore detox tank.

Designed and built to meet your needs

AHL’s Sulphur Burner System design capacity ranges from 1 to above 100 metric tonnes per day of molten sulphur burned. The sulphur burners are designed for feed in either solid elemental or molten sulphur forms. The system can be designed to operate at near atmospheric or higher discharge pressure of up to 300 kPag.

The sulphur burner nozzle is designed to use air atomization of the molten sulphur. This provides a wide turn-down ratio without degradation of sulphur dioxide concentration in the product gas. Sulphur trioxide generation is minimized by maintaining operating temperatures above 1400º C with optimized air/fuel ratio controls.

Optional design considerations:

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