A.H. Lundberg Systems Limited (AHLS) has developed and patented a modularized system to recover and purify methanol generated during the kraft pulping of wood.

The system is designed for the efficient recovery and reuse of industrial grade methanol recovered from the process. The system will distill the recovered methanol to 99.85% or higher purity. The product can be used as a chemical in the pulp mill or sold commercially as a biofuel to generate additional revenue.

There are currently two systems in operation: in Canada and Germany.

Typical return on investment for a Methanol Purification system is three years depending on global regional methanol prices.

If interested, please contact AHLS for more information at sales@ahlundberg.com

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A.H. Lundberg - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

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A.H. Lundberg - Methanol Purification System

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We are a Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Through our Vancouver office and network of representatives, we provide solutions in the form of engineering services and custom designed equipment to industries worldwide.



We provide state-of-the-art process technology, engineering, and equipment to pulp and paper, solid wood, oil and gas, mining and mineral processing, food processing, and chemical industries.


What our customers say about AHL:

“Start up was smooth and virtually trouble-free … the immediate attainment of full and stable operation inspires confidence for all of us. Our personnel had repeatedly remarked on their outstanding working relationship with A.H. Lundberg on this project… It is definitely a plant we will be proud to show to environmental authorities and interested personnel from other mills.”

Pulp Mill. Western Canada