Oil & Gas Industry: Heat Exchanger and Heat Recovery System

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

A.H. Lundberg has over 60 years of experience in custom heat exchanger design and supply.  AHL specializes in applications with challenges such as high pressure, high toxicity, high viscosity, severe corrosivity and close approach temperature.

Our experience extends to heat exchanger systems that include integration into acid gas scrubbing, particulate control, and flue gas desulphurization systems. Our heat exchanger installations include applications for waste water streams handling high and low pH conditions, particulate entrainment, organic fouling, and BOD/COD issues to meet environmental regulatory requirements.

Flue Gas Heat Recovery

As process industries become increasingly more energy conscious, AHL offers custom heat exchangers designed to economically recover energy from low temperature flue gas streams.

  • Our specialized heat exchanger used for flue gas heat recovery systems utilizes indirect contact finned tube heat recovery banks to heat a water/glycol stream.
  • The heated glycol may be used to heat a process water stream, combustion air, boiler feed water or to create sub-atmospheric clean flash steam.
  • The entire heat exchanger is fabricated from all stainless steel to meet the required corrosion resistance of the condensing carbonic acid from the flue gas.
  • Handling of the acid waste stream condensed from the flue gas is included in the system.
  • Recovered weak carbonic acid may be of use to preferentially neutralize the pH of an alkali waste stream, if the chemistry allows.

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