A.H. Lundberg’s implementation of heat transfer systems includes the design and supply of specialty shell & tube heat exchangers, direct contact condensers, surface condensers, hot gas quenchers, vent gas heaters and coolers, and flue/vent gas heat recovery systems.

In many cases, these heat transfer systems require working with contaminated low pressure steam, gases, and liquids that may be toxic, corrosive, contain fiber and/or severely fouling solids. Knowledge of, and the capability to deal with, contaminants is integral to successfully recovering the energy in process streams. Keeping equipment costs down, especially when the metallurgies required are exotic is essential.

Heat Transfer and Heat Recovery System

AHL has specific experience in the design and supply of heat exchangers and heat recovery system for the following applications:

In all cases, knowledge of the specific processes and of heat transfer is necessary to ensure reliable and cost-effective energy savings. In addition, lessons learned in one industry have provided suitable solutions in other industries. For each heat exchanger application, AHL works with the client to achieve the most economically efficient configuration and process-effective solution.