AHL Products

Mass Transfer Systems

AHLS can design and deploy specialty shell & tube heat exchangers, direct contact condensers, surface condensers, hot gas quenchers, vent gas heaters and coolers, and flue/vent gas heat recovery systems.

Soap Recovery Systems

Developed for use in the kraft pulping process where immiscible liquids separate, A.H. Lundberg ’s advanced Soap Recovery System is an effective, low capital cost, and low maintenance process solution.

Turpentine Recovery Systems

AHLS utilizes a 2-stage condensing system to optimize turpentine recovery, reduce stripping steam requirement and increase turpentine decanter efficiency.

Specialty Equipment Systems

A.H. Lundberg supplies a range of chemical reactors and handling systems to efficiently and safely generate the process operation required.

Electrocoagulation Systems

A.H. Lundberg partners with electrocoagulation vendors to solve the wastewater treatment challenges faced by the oil & gas industry.

Nanoflotation Systems

A.H. Lundberg and David Bromley Engineering are working together to commercialize a unique technology called Nanoflotation, which can cost-effectively separate colloidal solids from fluids.

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