Air Pollution Control

A.H. Lundberg - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Evaporator & Crystallizer

A.H. Lundberg - Evaporator with MVR

Wastewater Treatment

A.H. Lundberg - Stripping Column

Heat Transfer

A.H. Lundberg - Heat Recovery Direct Contact Condenser

Methanol Purification

A.H. Lundberg - Methanol Purification System

Sulphur Burner

A.H. Lundberg- Sulphur Burner Installation

Chemical Handling

A.H. Lundberg-Quench Vessel

Engineering Services

The product is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether there are new local regulations, stricter national requirements, or more demanding in house good neighbor policies, the end requirement is to safely and efficiently maintain your good environmental citizenship status.

Long after the project is complete, we continue to provide you with access to the latest safety and compliance technology. This commitment has made A.H. Lundberg a leading designer of environmental systems for various industries including Pulp & Paper, Wood Panel Board, Mining & Mineral Processing, Oil & Gas and Chemical Process industries.

Environmental compliance is a never ending challenge for industrial facilities throughout the world. Addressing these ever changing regulations is something at which we excel. With AHL you will experience the same project success whether you need to implement a single system component or an EPC solution involving multiple system integration.

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