In many industrial plants, fossil fuels are used as the source of heating.  With increasing higher costs, opportunities to recover energy in hot exhaust gases become more attractive.  A.H. Lundberg offers systems to recover heat from various vent and flue gases.  A.H. Lundberg has also provided systems to use the energy recovered from hot exhaust gases to generate clean steam for use elsewhere in the plant. The heat can also be used for combustion air pre-heating.

Vent Gas Heat Recovery

In existing plants there are many opportunities for energy savings. A.H. Lundberg’s Vent Gas Heat Recovery System (VGHRS) provides high efficiency heat recovery from an industrial plant’s waste gases normally vented to atmosphere.

The recovered heat may be used for a number of different purposes including indirect heating of process water streams or boiler feed water.

The A.H. Lundberg VGHRS may include:

  • A de-superheating spray water injection system

  • A direct contact counter-current condenser

  • An indirect secondary condenser

  • A high efficiency mist eliminator

  • An accumulator tank

  • A spray water supply pump

  • Secondary process heat exchangers, as required

Flue Gas Heat Recovery System

A.H. Lundberg’s Flue Gas Heat Recovery System (FGHRS) provides a simple and cost effective solution for heat recovery from an industrial boiler flue gas stream normally vented to atmosphere.

The recovered heat is captured in an indirect contact heat exchanger to heat glycol. The heated glycol may then be used for a number of different purposes including:

  • Indirect heating of combustion air

  • Heating of process water streams

  • Heating of boiler feed water

The A.H. Lundberg FGHRS includes:

  • An indirect contact co-current finned tube heat exchanger

  • A stack connector column with automated bypass damper

  • Internal spray headers for on-line wash of the tube banks where necessary for flue gas containing trace amounts of ash

  • Acid condensate drainage trough and discharge connection

TMP Plant Energy Reduction

A.H. Lundberg has also implemented energy reduction projects in TMP mills where steam-to-air heat exchangers use low pressure steam to preheat air entering flash dryer burners.  Preheating the air directly offsets natural gas purchases.

A.H. Lundberg offers custom finned tube heaters for this application.  To ensure adequate removal of fiber and contaminants in the steam/condensate flow, a condensate recycle system is included.