Specialty Equipment Systems

A.H. Lundberg supplies a range of chemical reactors and handling systems to efficiently and safely generate the process operation required.
We also offer a full range of engineering services to evaluate and redesign existing systems, updating as necessary to meet the most current plant standards of our customers.

Equipment Offerings:

White Liquor Oxidation Systems

AHL supplies two types of White Liquor Oxidation Systems to generate a caustic substitute.

Phase Separation Systems

AHL offers various Phase Separation Systems, including:

Mixers and Reactors

Also called Stirred Surface Reactors, these specialty pressure vessels incorporate an axial shaft with rotating plows, ribbons, or paddles to promote mixing, a chemical reaction or evaporation.

Distillation Columns

AHL provides design and supply of continuous feed distillation columns, and associated pre-heaters, reboilers, reflux condensers, and secondary product condensers.


Our sulphur dioxide and chlorine vaporizers are modular and may include rail car off-loading systems as well as custody transfer systems.

Specialty Pressure Vessels

Process requirements for pressure vessels can be as simple as basic storage or can range to more complex designs incorporating condensing vapour feed streams, chemical addition, and agitation.

Quench Vessels

Excessive heat entrained in gas streams can be effectively removed by direct injection of water or other liquids into the gas stream, utilizing evaporative cooling.

Chemical Handling Systems

Chemical handling systems from AHL include caustic and sulphuric acid dilution, and sodium hypochlorite dilution modules.

Safety System Components:

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