Our Strategic Partners


Rua Francisco Sobânia, 1300 CIC, Curitiba/PR – Brazil


Tequaly Técnica Industrial Ltda. and A. H. Lundberg Systems Limited have formalized a strategic alliance, aiming to expand the operations of both companies in the South American market. Through this alliance, an innovative model is initiated to meet the demands of our customers. By combining experience and knowledge, we offer state-of-the-art technical solutions to the Pulp and Paper market.

Founded in 1996, Tequaly has contributed to the constant development of the South American Pulp and Paper industry. Tequaly has been sucessful in Brazil, offering 360º services to their clients. Tequaly owns technology for gas treatment systems and evaporator systems and is currently the leader for NCG treatment systems upgrades in Brazil. Tequaly is well structured as a fabricator and sucessful EPC projects in Brazil.


21 Unionville Road, Douglassville, PA, USA


The sister company of A.H. Lundberg, NESTEC is a global leader in providing air pollution control solutions for industries focused primarily on reducing VOC and HAP emissions.  A.H. Lundberg and NESTEC work together to design, develop, manufacture, install, and maintain industry leading pollution control systems.

David Bromley Engineering Ltd.


DBE has developed a unique technology called Nanoflotation. Nanoflotation uses concentrated ionically charged nano environments to cause repulsion of colloidal solids followed by attachment of solids. The repulsion and attachment processes result in a rapid, low energy method to separate colloidal solids from fluids.

Bluekey energy company logo

Bluekey Energy

Bluekey Energy – SDRF Biodiesel process is an innovative Biodiesel process tailored for the kraft pulp & paper industry. Bluekey holds patents in 30 countries to convert black liquor soap to biodiesel using a soap derived refinery feedstock (SDRF). Bluekey has worked closely with A.H. Lundberg integrating their methanol purification technology increasing new mill revenue to the already significant benefits of soap removal.

V3 consulting logo

V3 Consulting Engineering

V3 offers process development solutions in the area of structured adsorbents, process designs in the application of structured adsorbents, mechanical hardware and plant integration. Leveraging patents, know-how, proprietary software, databases and trade secrets in the area of rapid cycle adsorption process development, structured adsorbent designs and manufacturing, adsorbent selection and application, stationary and rotating seals and their development, rotating valves and assemblies, and test methodologies.


CWMM Consulting Engineers Ltd.

2nd Floor, 1412 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1C1


CWMM Consulting Engineers Ltd.is a Canadian Professional Service company offering a comprehensive range of Structural Engineering Consulting Services to Public and Private sector clients throughout Canada and Internationally.

Turbulent Diffusion Technology Inc.

2601 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC, Canada V3H 1X1


Turbulent Diffusion specializes in the design and manufacture of custom fuel efficient burners for rotary kilns and boilers. With a minimum of 10% specific fuel cost savings guaranteed for kiln systems, Turbulent Diffusion Technology emphasizes the need for process and quality control at a reduced operating cost.


MacFarlen Engineering Itd.

1545 East Kent Ave N, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5P 4Y7


Founded in 1990, MacFarlen Engineering’s main focus is on recausticizing system with a goal to provide a comprehensive engineering solution through combining consulting services with innovative parts and equipment solutions – improving recausticizing and material handling operations.