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Worldwide Representative Network

The following is a list of the A.H. Lundberg’s worldwide network of representatives. Your local representative will be pleased to provide further information about our products and services.

Atlantic Canada

Maynard Reece Engineering Equipment Ltd.
Contact: Walter Collier
Phone: 902-468-2994
Email: walter.collier@maynardreece.com

Australia/New Zealand

Paperlines Limited
Contact: Harry Mowbray
Phone: 64-7-827-3426
Email: harry.mowbray@paperlines.com


Multitec Engenharia e Automação Ltda
Contact: Carlos Miguel Ferreira, Gerente Técnico
Phone: 12 3132.5590 / 99786 8104
Email: carlos.miguel@multitecengenharia.com.br

Beijing, China

BSS (Beijing) Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Lucy Zhang, Sales Dept. General Manager
Phone: +86 10 8489-6885
Email: zhangyulong@bss.com.cn

Beijing, China

Beijing Rionlon Technology & Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact: Lydia Li
Tel: +86 10 8580-6448
Email: Lydia@psscchina.com

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Lang De Bei System Technology
Contact: Tim Wu
Phone: +1-86-13321855912
Email: 13321855912@189.cn

AHL China Field Engineer

AHL China Field Engineer
Contact: Liming Yu
Phone: +86-15954025033
Email: LYu@ahlundberg.com


Quality Field Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact: Katy Jiang
Phone: +1-886-7-2255077
Email: qf88@ms35.hinet.net

Hong Kong, China

Castles & Hermes International Co., Ltd.
Contact: Paul Choi
Phone: 852-2317-6003
Email: pcaccel@netvigator.com


KGK Engineering Corp
Contact: Makoto Matsushita
Phone: 81 3 3993 7201
Email: m-matsushita@kgk-j.co.jp

South Korea

Udo Co. Inc.
Contact: Jay Chang
Phone: 031-445-7556
Email: chang@udolink.co.kr

South Korea

Konsik Kim
Contact: Konsik Kim
Phone: +82-10-8378-2919
Email: juham4refill@empas.com


Jingwei Engineering Sdn Bhd
Contact: Clement Voon
Phone: +60 88 272935
Email: clementvoon@jingweiesb.com


Amzen Industries, Inc.
Contact: Carlo Laparan, General Manager
Phone: +632 372-8801
Email: info@amzenph.com


Equator Energy Coporation
Contact: Bernardo Fabula, President
Phone: +632 856-4311
Email: bfabula@equatorenergypinoy.com.ph


Yongvis Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact: Pran Suwimon
Phone:011 66 880082275
Email: psuwimon@hotmail.com


Siam Alliance Group Co. Ltd
Contact: Surasak Thinnakornsibud
Phone: 011 662 931 3691
Email: surasak_t@siamag.com


Contact: Jim Nester
Phone: 610-323-7670, ext 101
Email: jnester@nestecinc.com

AHL USA Service

Oxidizer Inspection Services, LLC
Contact: Tim Jackson
Phone: 425-275-8215
Email: Oxidizerinspection@gmail.com


Nam Thuan Phat Engineering Group
Contact: Phan Nhat Tuyen
Phone: +84 8 6267 7308
Email: nhattuyen@namthuanphat.com


Huyen Tran
Contact: Huyen Tran
Phone: +84 012 1702 2258
Email: trahuyen@gmail.com


ЭкоТехно 350072, Россия г. Краснодар, ул. Ангарская, 29, Russian Federation
Contact:Sergey Storozhev
Phone: +8 (861)29-25-800, +7(938) 41-21-800
Email: info@ecotechhnoru.ru


Lo Brothers Engineering Co. Ltd. 20/20 Bangna-Trad Road 16.5 km Bangplee, Samurtprakarn, Thailand 10540 Contact: Vira Lobunchongsook
Phone: 02 337 0478
Mobile: 081-935-6617
Email: vira@lobrother.com


Rosoco AB
Vespergränd 67, 19272 Sollentuna, Sweden
Contact: Sal Passanisi
Phone: --
Mobile: --
Email: spassanisi@ahlundberg.com
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